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SEO Blog

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SEO Blog

Why Your Business Needs SEO

There was a time when Yellow Pages used to be the go-to places for looking up local products and services – not anymore. Internet search results replaced Yellow Pages years ago, and although the web has gone through mammoth changes over the years, the way search results work hasn’t. Now it may seem like a […]

Top Local SEO Tips for Your Business

In August 2015, search engine Google came up with one of the biggest revisions in the way local searches work – one that was starkly different from what the internet visitors and SEO analysts had been using all along. No sooner than this update came out, SEO experts were all over it – offering tips […]

How To Look Awesome On LinkedIn

From its creation way back in 2002, professional social media platform LinkedIn has come a long way. The story of its growth has been a rather slow and sluggish one, as compared to other social media giants like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. LinkedIn has grown and evolved slowly but steadily throughout its 15-year lifetime to […]

How To Deal With Negative Online Reviews

If you’re a small business owner or an employee, it is particularly frustrating to deal with bad, bitter online reviews. Obviously, no one likes to get negative reviews, and if you go through one, you might instinctively take it as an insult on yourself. Reading it might make you sad and angry, which is completely […]

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