The Right SEO Company Makes All The Difference

Finding the right SEO company can be a hassle. If you work with us, we want you to feel confident that we are on your side.

Why Choose Us

We take pride in what we do. Below are some of the many reasons why should choose Thrive to be your SEO company of choice.

Rank On The Top Of Google

Because we invest a lot of our resources to bring unbeatable service, we're able to make you visible FAST.

Partners In Action

You're not just another client - we consider you a partner in business. We believe in only building win-win relationships.

Monthly Reports

We take guessing out of the equation. We're transparent in what we do and will provide the reports to prove it.

White Hat SEO

Forget dirty SEO schemes that can penalize your site and hurt your business. We steer away from these type of practices.

Customer Service

Got a question? We are always here for you. We are easy to reach and look forward to assisting you!

Bundled Pricing

Want to dominate your area? We offer bulk and affordable pricing to give you the option of being visible in many cities.

Let's Work Together

Curious to see what we’re all about? What other SEO company can say “try before you buy”? Our SEO services are unique, white hat, and effective. We are so confident in our work that want you to give us a try – FOR FREE. No commitment is required. We only want you to work with us if you’re happy. Contact us and learn more about how we can help.


About Us

Founded in 2007, two best friends started off with a curiosity on how to improve their own visibility on the world wide web. They were eager to learn and grow – it was inevitable that Thrive SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) would come to fruition.

We love working with small businesses. We believe small businesses are essential in our communities and they contribute great value to our economy. Just like you, we are also a small business. Let’s succeed together!

Clients testimonials

When we first launched our site, we had an intern help with SEO. Lo and behold, we weren't getting any results. We took the plunge and hired Thrive to help. Our business has grown exponentially within a few months!


CEO, Pixelate WP

Before we found Thrive, we were working with another SEO company. After about a year of disappointing results, we decided to partner up with Thrive. They were able to perform, even with our cut-throat industry!


Attorney, Atlanta Injury Lawyer